Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy Summer Solstice

Imagine pony trekking to the top of the Island hills and gazing down on the sun over the sea.

Waves breaking on the beach in bright  sunlight.  Its 11pm going towards midnight.  This is the Summer solstice.  For once the wind is still, the midges not yet out.  Though its not very warm, we are only wearing light jumpers.  We are very far north and this is a good as it gets.  From now on the days get shorter until in mid winter there are barely 5 hours of dimmed light.

Though it feels as if summer only arrived last week, we hope it stays a while before it travels south again.

Interesting to note that the Full Lunar Eclipse was so near to the Summer Solstice!  The last full Lunar Eclipse was on the Winter Solstice.....

Any thoughts on that?

Where am I?